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Mutant Pointing

  Like Mutant Claiming, Mutant Pointing only applies to sudoku puzzles of irregular box shape, as in the above example. To create a puzzle of irregular box shape, use the Redefine Boxes command.
  If the only instances of a candidate within an irregularly-shaped box all point to the elimination of a candidate of that same number somewhere outside of the box, you can eliminate that candidate that is outside of the box. Consider the example below. In the top-middle box the only three 1's, highlighted in blue, do not share a row or column, but all lead to the elimination of the 1 in cell C3. Thus that 1 can be eliminated. This is because regardless of which blue cell is 1, the green 1 is eliminated.

  Because this technique is odd in nature but somewhat easy to spot, Sudoku Snake gives it a skill value of 22.

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