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Skill Levels
The Skill Level value is an estimation using an algorithm based on the solving techniques required to solve the puzzle. The skill level will only appear when the puzzle has a unique solution. To see if the puzzle has a unique solution use the Solution Status Command.

The following is a list the different skill levels in order from easiest to most-difficult:

Very Easy  (0.0-0.9)   Can be solved quickly using elementary means.
Easy  (1.0-1.9)   Can be solved using elementary means.
Moderate  (2.0-2.9)   Usually can be solved using elementary means, but may take a while.
Hard  (3.0-3.9)   May require some techniques beyond simple scanning.
Very Hard  (4.0-4.9)   Requires somewhat advanced techniques.
Expert  (5.0-5.9)   For seasoned Sudoku players.
Fiendish  (6.0-6.9)   For Sudoku gurus only.
Diabolical  (7.0-7.9)   Very difficult to solve by hand, even for the gurus.
Serpentine  (8.0-9.9)   Only the most ambitious of Sudoku players should attempt these puzzles.
Ludicrous  (10.0+)   Not recommended for human solvers.

For information on how Sudoku Snake computes skill levels, please visit our Rating System page.

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