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Hint Command
  Use this command to display a hint of the next easiest applicable solving technique in solve mode. This command will highlight the cells pertaining to the hint for about one second before returning to normal. If you use this command again a second time before making any changes, the cells pertaining to the hint will remain highlighted indefinitely until you click anywhere on the white space.

  The hint and the suggestion are always correlated. The name of the next easiest solving technique is the suggestion, and the cells pertaining to it are the hint.

  If View Suggestion is not enabled, the hint will be calculated at the moment you use this command, and may take a long time for very advanced puzzles. If View Suggestion is enabled, the hint will be calculated every time you make a change, and thus will appear immediately when you use this command. Once a hint is calculated, it will not need to be calculated again until you make a change.

  Refer to our list of solving techniques for a list of the possible hints and their explanations by using the button above.


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