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Printing Feature
  Do you prefer to solve your puzzles with pencil and paper? Sudoku Snake now prints!

  Perhaps you are a newspaper or magazine editor? You need your puzzles in a format that you can publish. Perhaps you just want to show off your puzzles to your friends, but they don't have sudoku snake.

  Sudoku Snake comes equipped with the standard windows printing package. Our standardized layout prints the puzzle to 8.5 x 11 inch paper as seen in the image above.

  Customize your printing colors using the Color Scheme option. Within seconds you can have a brand new puzzle generated, rated, and put to paper.

  There is no need to search for free downloadable sudoku puzzles online any more. With the full version of Sudoku Snake, you can have printable sudokus at any skill level or of your own design, for life!

Elders of Genova
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