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Design Feature
  It has never been easier to design your very own Sudoku puzzles than with Sudoku Snake!
  When you run Sudoku Snake, by default it will always start in Design Mode and will be ready for you to start filling in numbers one-by-one to design your own puzzle.

  To make the process easier, turn on View Possibilities. This will ensure that you know exactly which numbers you can use when designing your puzzle. Also turn on View Solutions to see the developing answer to your puzzle.

  Every time you fill in a number Sudoku Snake will automatically check if your puzzle has a unique solution, what that solution is, and what the difficulty level of your puzzle is. In less than a minute you can have created your very own valid Sudoku puzzle. See who amongst your family and friends can create the hardest one! (Hint, using diagonalization methods generates the hardest puzzles).

Elders of Genova
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