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Dynamic Nested Forcing Chains
  A Dynamic Nested Forcing Chain is a very advanced solving technique required only in the most difficult of Ludicrous-level Sudoku puzzles. It allows for one full Dynamic Forcing Chain to be nested within another. The potential eliminations caused by the original chain are allowed to change weak connections to strong connections in the nested chain. Then, if the nested chain weakly connects back on its original candidate, that candidate can be eliminated from the original chain. Then, if the elimination of that candidate allows the original chain to weakly connect back on its original candidate, then that candidate can be eliminated.
  Dynamic Nested Forcing Chains can be spotted by making a guess within a guess. If the guess within the guess is wrong, then that value can be removed, but only within the scope of the first guess. It doesn't mean that candidate is absolutely wrong, only that it must be wrong IF the first guess is right. Then, if because of that you show that the first guess is wrong, then you can eliminate ONLY the first guess.
  Sudoku Snake does not support hints or suggestions for Dynamic Nested Forcing Chains because of the processing time required to identify them. Sudoku Snake only utilitizes this advanced technique during the Analysis of puzzles.

  Sudoku Snake gives Dynamic Nested Forcing Chains a skill value of 65000.

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